Pioneer in time-centric video advertising.

We strongly believe that Attention is key for brand memorization. We are an active promoter of the Cost Per Hour (CPH) as a new trading currency that values ad exposure as an essential advertising metric.

Qosmik has its own & operated video platform. We enable advertisers and agencies to access premium publishers through preferred deals and connects to any tech in the advertising ecosystem : DSP, audience measurement, 3rd party data and targeting solutions, walled gardens.

Thanks to our focus on Attention we are the global partner of choice for advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize their brand awareness and have a higher return on their advertising spend.


Alexis led the development of Doubleclick in Spain and Portugal, and in 2003 launched Advertsing.com in the Iberian market. In 2014, Alexis co-founded Qosmik, convinced that technological breakthroughs will help advertisers better leverage their investments and maximize brand awareness.


Snoussi is specialized in the monetization of sites, networks and Datas. More than 20 years of experience in digital. He contributed to the company's success as IdRegie (acquired by Lagardère) C-Marketing and Weborama.


Francis began his career at TradeDoubler, a leader in performance marketing. In 2012, he was one of the first member to launch the European office and the French subsidiary of PubMatic, the monetization platform for publishers. In 2016, he joined Qosmik as Head of Operations.


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