Video is our FIELD. View is our GOAL.

Because time and attention are the new performance standards for video advertising, Qosmik introduces a brand new KPI based on visible, effective duration: Cost Per Hour (CPH)


The minimal exposition time for an ad to be memorized (IAS/Financial Times). Impressions charged below this threshold are wasted money.

CPH: the new currency of reference

Capturing users' attention is the current priority for brands, which makes duration the natural performance indicator. Qosmik launches Cost Per Hour (CPH), a KPI tailored to guarantee exposure of advertising messages by focusing on visible time.

CPH , boosting your media plans' efficiency

By assuming the risk without costing a cent more, Qosmik guarantees an effective visible exposure time to further improve brand recall.
CPH campaigns aim to optimize ad recall within a delivery frame. We're also developping additional indicators such as audience insights, engagement, impact and exposure depending on campaign's goals.

Worldwide reach

We count major market entities among our partners, and our solutions allow us to select those that offer the highest visibility potential for campaigns running with us, ensuring outstanding performances for our clients.

Fueled by innovation

Qosmik’s solution is plugged to all referent market players & third parties, especially those providing measurement & verification metrics in order for us to guarantee the accuracy of our data and the quality of our delivery. The ongoing development and refining of our advanced tools (targeting, measurement, tracking & optimization) helps ensuring optimal performances for the campaigns we deliver.

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