Video is our FIELD. View is our GOAL.

Programmatic Open Independant International Marketplace

Buying, tracking and optimizing video advertising on all the screens

Centralize your advertising activity in one place, forget complexity of cross-platform management. Qosmik connects to any tech in the advertising ecosystem : DSP, ad-server, audience measurement, 3rd party data and targeting solutions, walled gardens (Youtube, Facebook…).

Qosmik for advertisers

Monetize more efficiently your display, mobile and video inventories and generate more advertising revenues

Forget the complexity of multi-demand sources management. Qosmik connects to any top-tiers demand partners in the ecosystem : SSP, premium advertisers, agencies, independent trading desks. Benefit from an optimized yield through the Qosmik’s programmatic engine and advanced dynamic pricing strategies. Qosmik’s monetization kit includes IAB and high impacting formats, adquality tools, a unique tag for an easy deployment or a localized ad serving for low latency.

Qosmik for publishers

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